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  1. Good win against Hydra today.  Made em look kinda bad not gonna lie.  Good effort against FOE.  Was cool to fight them and learn how they fight.  Props to those of us who stuck around for Tank Tests.  GG WP

  2. great stuff fellas the more practice the more pro we become! if you werent there try to make the next one ❤️
  3. I wake up, go to make coffee,..........................................walk into my sons room to wake his little cute ass up to have some fun...............and he is finger painting my white walls with shit from his diaper and his crib.....#wrapyourshit

    1. Loki


      lmfaooooo kid is savage

  4. Hi bby ily.❤️

    1. Chris


      ily to ❤️

  5. aye these recrutis flying in welcome my boys ❤️ the time has come to be apart of greatness :) #ud

    1. Stacked


      Good shit today bro ❤️ killing it

  6. castle wars event today! be on if you havent got your cwars gear!

  7. ahhh yessss der sun is here.

  8. and good morning ladies and gentssssssssssssss

  9. Woke up this fine sunday felling undisputeedddddd..  A fine feeling to feel ill tell you

  10. awwww forums is starting to change 😉

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